Download your e-book: Packaging for the most challenging shipments

Packaging solutions are evolving to meet growing demands

As the pharmaceutical industry’s global development accelerates, demands on temperature-controlled shipping sometimes exceed the capabilities of existing packaging and transport solutions. Targeted therapies, clinical trials, biologics, personalized medicines and many approved drugs all require more precise and secure temperature control in the supply chain.

Download our e-book Packaging for the most challenging shipments to understand the key issues and new developments in temperature controlled packaging and shipping and why they matter to you.

 Highlights include:

  • The changing cost model
  • Solutions for temperature-controlled shipping
  • Research, engineering and optimizing better solutions through CORE Labs
  • Cocoon: a new generation of passive solutions
  • Packaging: just one component of a secure temperature-controlled shipment

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Manjunatha Swami, Syngene International India